IPA-II Period Environmental Infrastructure Investment Project Iğdır Wastewater Project Kick Off Meeting Was Held

The kick off meeting of the “Iğdır Wastewater Treatment Project” within the scope of the Environment and Climate Action Sector Operational Programme’s 1st Action-Water and that the end beneficiary is the Municipality of Iğdır was held via a video conference on the 5th of August, 2020 with the participation of; our General Director and our Ministry’s IPA Head of Operating Structure Mr. M. Bülent ÜNCÜ, Iğdır Governor and Mayor Mr. Hüseyin Engin SARIİBRAHİM, EU Delegation to Turkey’s Sector Manager Mrs. Asuman ÖZALTAY, the representatives from the contracting authority, the contractor and the consultant.

The city of Iğdır is located on the Silk Road; with the Iğdır Wastewater Project, which will be realized through the cooperation of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Municipality of Iğdır and the European Union, the wastewater infrastructure problem of Iğdır will be solved until 2047.

The Project consisting of three components which are Construction Works of Iğdır Wastewater Treatment Plant, Constraction Works of Iğdır Wastewater Collection System Project and Iğdır Wastewater Treatment Project Technical Assistance Contract, has a total budget of approximately 28 million Euros.

Haber Tarihi: 05.08.2020
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